A Modern Approach to the Treatment of Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

At Nativis we’re making targeted, non-invasive treatment a reality. Our technology has the potential to fight cancer and other diseases as effectively as pharmaceuticals or biologics without the side effects. How is this possible?


Founded in 2002, Nativis is a clinical-stage bio-electronics company pioneering a novel platform technology to treat cancer and other serious diseases. With the help of some of the top minds in science and medicine, we’re leading an evolution in health care by giving physicians a powerful new tool for fighting disease and patients unprecedented hope for recovery. Clinical trials are currently under way.

More About Us

Note: Nativis Voyager RFE System for rGBM is an investigational medical device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use only.

Scientific Platform

Nativis science and technology is based on magnetically induced electron and charge transfer. Electron transfer is central to the function of many biologic processes and artificial magnetic fields are capable of triggering a receptor response and conformational change in the absence of a physical agonist. A specific and precise oscillating magnetic field with the proper vector, magnitude and pulse duration can move a charge along a protein pathway much the same way an electron is forced to move in copper wire. A charge moving between a donor and acceptor site in the presence of an oscillating magnetic field will result in a conformational dynamic similar to a naturally forced charge.

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