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Chris Rivera, MSc, MBA

Chris Rivera is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Nativis. He has spent the past 30 years in numerous leadership roles in the biotechnology industry, including Founder and CEO of Hyperion Therapeutics, which was acquired by Horizon Pharma in 2015, Senior Vice President and head of Commercial Operations at Tercica, where he led the cross-licensing transaction between Tercica and Ipsen, and Genzyme Therapeutics, where he built and ran Genzyme’s US renal Commercial Operations, and helped launch Genzyme’s renal division globally. Prior to Genzyme, he helped build Cephalon and Centocor’s commercial infrastructures.

Chris has extensive early stage and turnaround experience and success, in addition to a proven track record in building successful biotech companies.

From 2009 – 2015, Chris was the President & CEO of the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (WBBA), where he was responsible for building the biotechnology industry in Washington state. While at the WBBA, he oversaw one of Washington’s largest and fastest growing economic industries, including mentoring more than 400 life science start-up companies, and co-founding WINGS – Washington’s Medical Technology angel network.
He has also been recognized as a state and national leader through his appointments as; co-Chair for the Governor’s life science and global health advisory committee, Governor’s Higher Education Task Force, the Washington Global Health Funding Commission, and Chairman, for the national Council of State Bioscience Associations.

Chris holds a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; a bachelor degree from Northwestern Oklahoma State University; and studied marketing and management at the Albers Graduate School of Business and Economics at Seattle University.


Mike Butters

Bennett M. (Mike) Butters


Mike led the early concept and design efforts of the Company’s platform technology, known as Molecular Interrogation and Data Systems (MIDS), pioneering new concepts in signal acquisition, post signal processing, and signal transduction. His career in health care in both the private and public sectors, together with his background in electronics and RF design and engineering, has provided a valuable multidisciplinary framework for enabling and executing innovation within the Company.

Clark Donnell, BA, BBA

Clark Donnell, BA, BBA

Clark is President and CEO of Offshore Consulting Group, Inc. During the course of his career in banking, he served in several senior executive management positions at InterWest Bank and Bancorp, including EVP and Chief Administrative Officer. He served as Founding Director and CEO of SaviBank.

David Grieger

David Grieger, CFA

David retired from the Russell Investment Group after a twenty five year career in the investment management industry. Most recently David served as the Managing Director of the Russell Index business (a family of stock market indexes including the widely used Russell 2000 index) and Chief Marketing Officer of Russell globally. As principal of Tipsoo Ventures, LLC., David is currently active as a private investor and involved in real estate related activities

Richard Henriques

Richard Henriques

Richard is an experienced financial executive with an extensive background in the large-capitalization pharmaceutical, early-stage biotechnology, and nonprofit industries. He served as Chief Financial Officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation from 2010 to 2014. Prior to joining the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Richard spent 27 years at Merck & Company.

John Kingma, CPA

John Kingma, CPA

John served as the Company’s founding CFO from 2003 – 2012 responsible for capital financing as well as all other CFO duties. John has more than thirty-five years’ experience in finance and business management and leadership and is a member of the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Charles E. McNerney

Charles E. McNerney

Charlie is a seasoned executive with 24+ years of multi-disciplined security, operations and core engineering experience at Microsoft. He has designed, implemented and led the information security organization for a multinational, Fortune 50 technology company to include Physical and Digital Protection globally. He is a respected security leader across the industry and is recognized for his ability to navigate corporate risk through innovative leadership and vision.

As the Chief Information Security Officer for Microsoft Corp and then as Chief Information Security Officer in MSN from 1995 to 2002, Charlie was responsible for enterprise-wide information security, compliance and business continuity efforts. This included our Corporate Facilities in addition to creating the Security Plan for the expansion of our Digital Assets such as Bing, Hotmail, Xbox and Cloud Infrastructure. Led a global team of security professionals with a strategic focus on information protection, assessment, awareness, governance and enterprise business continuity. Charlie was responsible for Piracy and Trade in addition to updating our CIO and Board of Directors on worldwide physical and digital risks.

Charlie has the proven ability to build robust and successful security programs, leveraging his deep technical background and strong business acumen to align security engineering with executive vision.

Nancy Skinner Nordhoff, Hon PhD

Nancy Skinner Nordhoff, Hon PhD

Nancy is an American philanthropist and environmentalist. Her work is primarily focused in the Seattle and Langley, Washington regions, where she works to empower women, support rural communities and promote environmentalism of Washington's flora and fauna.

Dr. Una Ryan

Una Ryan, MD

Una Ryan is a biologist and seasoned healthcare executive with extensive experience serving on the boards of public, private and non-profit companies. She is currently a limited partner at Breakout Ventures, Managing Director of Golden Seeds, an investment firm empowering women entrepreneurs, and a partner in Astia Angel, investing in women-led ventures. Una holds a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Cambridge University and BS degrees in Zoology, Microbiology and Chemistry from Bristol University. Una received an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Bristol University in 2009.

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