Our Science

Scientific Platform

Our proprietary ultra-low Radio Frequency Energy (ulRFE™) technology produces a cognate of solvated molecules by measuring and recording their electrostatic surface potential as an oscillating magnetic field. The ulRFE cognate is delivered locally and non-systemically via a medical device. Pre-clinical and clinical studies suggest the ability to specifically regulate metabolic pathways and/or replicate known mechanisms of action for proven commercial drugs. To date, no adverse effects or toxicity related to the device have been observed in human clinical trials.

Note: Nativis Voyager® ulRFE™ System for rGBM is an investigational medical device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use only.

What Makes our Technology Unique?

Electrostatic Surface Potential of Molecules in Motion


Nativis Spectrum Diagram

How it Works

Every molecule has a unique electrostatic potential. The electrostatic potential is critically important to the chemical properties of a molecule and how a molecule interacts with, and in, a biological system. Our ‘Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device’ (SQUID) based technology measures the unique electrostatic potential of a molecule, as specific Radio Frequency Energy (RFE). This unique and specific RFE is used to induce electron and charge transfer in a defined bioactive target, altering cell dynamics to produce a therapeutic response.